A brief history of REHORI


REHORI was established in the year 2018 by Mr. Alexandre Fahizi Mtahelwa, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who was forced to flee his homeland after he refused to sign over the properties left to him by his biological father. In the process he had been assaulted and was tortured by well known persons and even members from his father’s family associated with the gun-groups operating in the bush as rebels in the Eastern part of DRC. That forced him to flee for his life to Kenya, where he was received as a refugee and asylum seeker 2010.

In his own struggle to settle, Alex encountered many other refugees and asylum seekers, who find it hard to live without the prosperity they had in their home countries. He engaged in counselling his fellow refugees to accept the life they are in, to forgive those who caused them to be refugees, to forget what happened to them and to focus on building a new life in the land they find themselves in.

Alexandre became very well known and many refugees would gather mornings and evenings at his home in Kakuma refugee camp - some to learn the main language used in Kenya, KiSwahili, others to learn English and many others to seek social assistance such as food, brick laying molds that he had made to help new arrivals, spirit levels, and builder’s line.

Due to the experienced workload of giving fellow humans a hand, he thought of formalizing his services to the refugee community and REHORI was founded and set up with mechanisms to help the refugees to build resilience, self-reliance and sustenance. Training sessions were silently offered in various technical skills training centers to empower refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, and then later on also members of the local communities that host them.

The influx of refugees in the world requires an effort from everyone to ensure those who lost their families, homes, properties, and got forced to leave their residences find a community to integrate and build a better future.

REHORI was founded to empower communities for integrated developments; and to empower refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, and anyone affected by either man-made or natural disasters.

The development of both the refugee community and host community is the main point of focus of REHORI whose founder has experienced the bitterness and hardship of refugee life.

It was founded to sensitize refugees to accept the life they are in, forgive those who displaced them and forget what happened to them, and focus on building a new life in the land they find themselves, in this manner MG set mechanisms to help them build resilience, and self-reliance/independent lives with a stable economy, training in various technical skills are innovatively opened in all the centers of REHORI to empower not only the refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, but also the local communities that host them, for REHORI believes that education is the best way to empower communities and to change lives and to develop communities.

It is committed to defending and protecting every creature that has life, and to fight xenophobia, and encouraging Xenophilia and Xenomania, and giving skills that integrate them in the labor market, and early child development and education and other formal education to implement the child care centers,( caretakers needed) and kindergarten Elements and Early education for refugees and Turkana west development. 

REHORI is passionate about developing communities


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