Who we are

REHORI is a Refugee-Led Organization in Kakuma founded in 2018, implementing a range of activities in Protection, Education and economic recovering. In 2023, REHORI is partnering with Danish Refugee Council in implementation of GBV Prevention activities under ECHO funding in a project on Providing life-saving protection support to the most at-risk refugees and host communities in Kakuma and Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement. The project is designed to meet critical needs through protection and basic-needs response, while creating longer-term and sustainable solutions through community-led and owned protection prevention and awareness.

Our Targeted Goal

To partake to Climate Action, by making community to reduce pollution of environment; and promotion of SDGs.To enrich and empower people’s lives by doing circular production, and by communicating essential skills in an enjoyable and effective manner and at the same time inspire an integrated understanding of self-development and self-reliance; as well as awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals in the local communities.

Our Mission

To ensure that all marginalized, voiceless and others groups less represented are actively involved in designing and implementing programs, community policies and decision making.
To encourage people to enjoy cultural diversity and live in harmony and peace.
To rehabilitate disaster-torn lives, communities and build resilient and sustainable development.
To encourage people to enjoy the ecosystem, cultural diversity and live in harmony and peace.
To build honest global citizens entitled to development, global peace, respectful to life of every creature.
To foster prosperity at the bottom of the pyramid by imparting empowered youth and women through agribusiness and financial.
literacy and enhance their talent, entrepreneurial/innovative skills to the so called under privileged.

Our Vison

Our vision is to Making the community a better place for every living;
- By promoting and impact women and youth to the community development.
-To ensure Youth is well orientated through talent enhancement.

Making Kakuma a better place to every living.

-Making the community a better place for every living and promoting and impact women and youth to the community development Youth is well orientated through talent enhancement.

Our Objectives

To eradicate poverty and empower youth with skills REHORI will achieve its objectives by:

Promoting and providing a conducive work environment for all beneficiaries and stakeholders.
Involving all community members to take voluntary work.
To promote and impart required skills that can make youths self-resilient, skills shall improve their life, they may also get scholarships.
Promoting talent enhancement support programs.
To mobilize resources through organization contribution and well-wishers, donors, grants, and potential funds to Providing quality services.
Working with similar CBO and international NGOs for easy exchange of skills, experience and challenges see to overcome them To fight against gender -based violence, gender -based discrimination, sexual exploitation, early marriage, school dropping out and domestic violence.
Denounce any act of violence of human right, to train the community on human rights and any other crime.
He founded in the same year he took the second refuge of his life in 2019 to sensitize refugees to accept the life they are in, forgive those who cause them to be refugees, and forget what happened to them and focus on building new life in the land they find themselves. REHORI is passionate about sustainable development.
To building resilience & self-reliant communities Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). .

Our Values

Integrity ,Accountability ,Inspiration ,Inclusion ,Leadership,Humanitarianism ,Globalization Eco-justice Eco-Activism,Eco-Socialization,Peace,Love,Respect,Democracy,Solidarity.

Our Partners

Our Management Team

Alexandre Fahizi

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Arlene Wills Allen

Dircetor of Mentorship

Thon Mabior Manase

Secretary & Co-founder

Egbal Muluk


Dr Angie Polkey

Coach of Permaculture